Founded by RLOs from Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda and Tanzania, the East African RLO+ Consortium brings together RLOs and RLO networks under a single regional umbrella with a view of enabling them leverage on the networks, capacities and skills in other RLOs as well as provide a platform where the RLOs can, collectively, engage practitioners, donor communities, researchers and policy makers- with the view of empowering RLOs and enable them realize a seat at the metaphorical ‘policy making table’.

The consortium welcomes to the umbrella, non-refugee led organizations as allies – to contribute to the capacities, skills, competencies and amplifying the voices and needs of RLOs. These include but are not limited to the civil society, researchers, practitioners, and private sector organizations and are symbolized by the “+” in the consortium’s name.
The Centre, with the stewardship of refugee scholars, serves as the secretariat for the consortium.

For enquiries, please contact the team on: